Exhibition History:


Dante's Solo Show - Aerosol & Airbrush Canvass on display Downtown Portland, Oregon

Burnside Skatepark 27 Year Anniversary - Live Music, Underwater theme Aerosol Artwork & Art Direction Portland, Oregon

Dozer's Warehouse - Aerosol Artwork & Canvass Seattle, Washington

Paradiso Festival - Live Aerosol Art 60,000 crowd attendance Gorge Ampitheatre Quincy, Washington

Viva Las Vandals - Live Aerosol Artwork Las Vegas, Nevada

Freak Alley Gallery - Live Aerosol Artwork Boise, Idaho

Dead Baby Bikers - Live Aerosol Art Georgetown Seattle, Washington

Nude Bowl - Aerosol Artwork Palm Springs, California


Deans Dirty 30 - Benefit Art Show Portland, Oregon

Dead Baby Bikers - Live Aerosol Art Georgetown Seattle, Washington

Marginal Way, Burnside Skatepark, Flowershop DIY Aerosol Artwork

Paradiso Festival - Live Aerosol Art Gorge Ampitheatre Quincy, Washington


Sony Video Shoot - Aerosol Artwork Portland, Oregon

Glenhaven Skatepark Mural Remastered Portland, Oregon

94.7 Fm Alternative Radio Radio Pick 5 for Burnside Portland, Oregon

KBOO 90.7 Radio with Scotty Majors Burnside edition live in Paris & Portland, Oregon

Future Shock Gallery - Dream Evil - Live Aerosol Art Portland, Oregon

Meetings of Styles - Live Aerosol Art San Francisco, California

Paradiso Festival - Live Aerosol Art Gorge Ampitheatre Quincy, Washington


Burnside Project 24 Years Art Show & Fundraiser - Griptape Art & Photography Portland, Oregon

Kings Highway DIY - Aerosol Artwork St. Louis Missouri

Blood Bowl - Aerosol Artwork Wisconson

The Root - Aerosol Artwork on rotating gallery exterior of building Boulder, Colorado

Paradiso Festival - Live Aerosol Art Gorge Ampitheatre Quincy, Washington


RedBull Flugtag - Aerosol artwork additions to Muy Guapo Flyers "Red Bull" Portland, Oregon

Paradiso Festival - Live Aerosol Art Gorge Ampitheatre Quincy, Washington


Bro Bowl & Kona - Aerosol Artwork Tampa & Jacksonville, Florida

XX Years Burnside Projects, Group Photography Benefit Show. Dante's Portland, Oregon
Sept. 1st Thurs. show. Photography, Canvass.

XX Years Burnside Projects, Group Art Benefit Show. Sept. Dante's Portland, Oregon-
August show all month. Photography, Canvass.

Oregon Trifecta Tigard, Live Art: Trophies created. Tigard, Oregon-
August. Soft Pastels. Overall Winners, Ladies, Masters, Pro.

Artwork included in Film at Bumbershoot Street Art Installation. Seattle, Wa-
Sept. show.


Shakers & Movers, Release Party & Bday (Solo Art Show) Bossanova Ballroom Portland, Oregon-
August show. All Mediums, Projections, Video & Slide Show.

Mixed Mania, Burnside Benefit (Group Show) Nemo Gallery Portland, Oregon-
June show. Aerosol on Canvas.

4/20 Video Release Party, Castle de Lux West Linn, Oregon-
April show. Live painting Aerosol on Canvas.

R.I.P. Ripper, Powell (Group Show) ASR Tradeshow Convention Center San Diego, California-
January show. Aerosol on Wood.


Dew Tour, Main Featured Artist (Group Show) Convention Center Portland, Oregon-
August show. Photography & Mural Art displayed.

PoolRules, Group Show Nike Warehouse Portland, Oregon-
August show. Overall Trophies, Photography & Mural Art displayed.

Portland Door Show, Group Show Olympic Mills Commerce Center Portland, Oregon-
July show. Benefit for Charity, Original Mural Art displayed.

Independent Skatepark Tour, Live Painting Lincoln City Skatepark, Oregon-
June. Live mural painting during event.

Portland Mural Show, Block Party 2nd & Main Portland, Oregon-
June show. Live Painting Event, & Live performance Mc/Dj & Mural Art.

Portland Mural Show, Group Show Olympic Mills Commerce Center Portland, Oregon-
May show. Mural Art, photos.

Marginal Way Skatepark Benefit, Group Art Show at the Mission Seattle, Wa-
June show. Aerosol/Airbrush & Sculpture displayed. Planned/Organized Event.

Film Premiere Why Wouldn’t You, Benefit Marginal Way Capitol Hills Art Center Seattle, Wa-
May show. Intro Painting & Murals in film. Planned/Organized Event.


History of Stumptown Skateboarding, Art Show , City Hall Portland, Oregon-
August show. Photography, Mural Art & Sculpture displayed.

Love & Guts, Art by skateboarders, Momentum Studios Portland, Oregon-
August show. Oregon Trifecta Overall Trophies, Photography, Mural Art, Sculpture & Multimedia Slide show displayed.


Tree Fort Urban Art Gallery Solo Show Portland, Oregon-
Mural Art, Photography, Sculpture (Silver/Glass) & Mixed Media w/ Multimedia video displayed.

Mammoth Mountain, Dublins Mammoth Lakes, California-
Mural Art & Photography displayed. West Coast Snow/Ski Invitational Events.

Marginal Way Benefit, Sunset Seattle, Washington-
Photography & Mural Art. Skatepark Fundraiser event.

2003-2006 N.A.C. New American Casuals, Gallery Shows & Events Portland, Oregon-
Grand Opening N.A.C. Legal Art Wall. Multiple Aerosol Murals and Performance Art shows.

2004 Carispo Café Portland, Oregon-
Live 2 man outdoor aerosol exhibition downtown, with Mentor Leon.

2003 Blazers Boys and Girls Club Portland, Oregon-
HipHop Appreciation Week, aerosol performance art, interactive presentation with youth.

2000-2001 City Art “Living Room” Gresham, Oregon-
Section of mosaic approved through city process. “Wind” - sketches, color rendering and tile.

1997-2005 Red Sea Nightclub Portland, Oregon-
Variety of murals, art, computer graphics and multiple displays of work. Video projections for New Years Eve 2000 and 2001. Solo gallery show encompassing all mediums 2003.

1993-2002 Windells Snowboard Camp Portland, Oregon-
Group art show and year end party with multiple sponsors 2002. Displayed sculpture, large aerosol works, and mixed medium.
1995 Las Vegas, Nevada- Painted Bus displayed inside the Las Vegas convention center.
1993-1995 Mt. Hood- Painted 5 school busses and two vans. Moving art.

1999 Euphoria Art Gallery Portland, Oregon-
Solo gallery show. Multiple mixed media show with film and edited video projections live mixed, animation, photography, canvass, sculpture and a mural painted on the wall in the gallery.

1998-2000 Martial Arts Gallery Portland, Oregon-
Various aerosol group art shows, including murals on gallery walls and canvas.

1996-1997 Cal Skate Shop Portland, Oregon-
Two group gallery shows displaying artwork by skateboarders.

1994-current Burnside Skatepark Portland, Oregon-
Local skateboarder and the, “Burnside Skatepark Artist” multiple yearly and seasonal murals.

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